Saturday Stories

“The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank Stockton [ss-s3e11]

March 13, 2021

About this episode:


In the story "The Lady or the Tiger," Frank Stockton weaves themes of barbarism vs. civilization, justice, power, and human nature. The story culminates in a choice that brings all those themes together. 


The princess falls in love with someone below her station. As soon as her father finds out, he has her lover thrown in jail and prepares for justice to be served. He'll either be dinner for a tiger or marry a lady chosen by the king (NOT the princess.)


The princess finds out what's behind each door and directs her lover to the door of her choice. 


In a minute, we'll be diving into this story that will have you anxiously awaiting the outcome and leave you questioning your own thoughts on barbarism vs. civilization, justice, power, and human nature. 


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